:Sales Coordinator
NAME :Tan Ah Peng
SEX :Male
DATE OF BIRTH :28 June 1967 (33)
CITIZENSHIP :Singapore Citizen
ADDRESS :No.1, Simmon Street Singapore 123456
CONTACT NO. :567 8900
January 2000-Present MICHAEL TAN PTE LTDSales Coordinator
Responsibilities include
  • Stationed in the Procurement Department.
  • *Placed purchase orders to the various overseas factories.
  • *Coordinated with factories and customers on deliveries.
  • *Processed quotation and invoices.
Reason for Leaving Retrenchment退職理由:出来るだけ正直に
July 1997 -December 1999 LIM AND LIM COMPANYAssistant Sales Coordinator
Responsibilities include
  • Worked as an assistant to the Sales Executive.
  • *Helped to process sales orders
  • *Kept track of delivery schedule, and answered customers’ phone inquiries.
  • *Also assisted in delivery of products in urgent cases.
Reason for Leaving For better salary

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    December 1994 -June 1997 National University of SingaporeBachelor of Arts in Business ManagementMajored in Marketing
    December 1992 -June 1994 Singapore PolytechnicDiploma in Mechanical Engineering